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Thanks to Shiftpoint Strategies

Each week the Puget Sound Business Journal interviews an outstanding local business leader.  Thanks to Shiftpoint Strategies, Dwayne Clark, the founder and CEO of Aegis Living, is “onstage” with Carlos Santana.

In the PSBJ interview, Dwayne Clark is asked about his commitment to developing and advancing the Aegis Living company culture that supports people in aging.  Clark describes how his efforts have resulted in a great work environment, low turnover and a growing company.

Shiftpoint Strategies connects for its client!

Aegis Living is looking to double its footprint in Seattle!

Dwayne Clark, the founder and CEO of Aegis Living, cites the factors driving the growth spurt: an aging population, strong investor interest in assisted living housing, depressed land prices and lowered construction costs.  “All those things line up to make a perfect universe,” said Clark.

Read more: Aegis Living doubles pace of assisted-living projects to meet demographic demand


Thanks to Shiftpoint Strategies, Andelcare is featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal.  This feature report details the growth of Andelcare and the company’s commitment to providing personalized in-home eldercare services.

In-home senior care provider is monthly columnist!

Andelcare founder, Marla Beck, has been a monthly columnist for 5 years in City Living Seattle and a variety of area publications.  Shiftpoint Strategies acquired and manages this publishing opportunity for Marla Beck.  In her monthly column Marla shares her expertise and provides advice on a wide-range of eldercare and aging issues.

A recent column:

Andelcare founder and CEO is state-wide Award Winner – Small Business Peron of the Year!

Shiftpoint Strategies crafted a 20 page award entry that resulted in business-owner Marla Beck’s recognition as the Small Business Person of the Year.  Each year, the Small Business Administration awards this unique recognition to a business owner from the state of Washington.  The competition is stiff and the award entry must stand out.

Shiftpoint Strategies garners a series of news stories for Commencement Bank!

Commencement Bank was growing despite bad economic times.

Thanks to support from the community and local businesses, Commencement Bank was profitable and had just concluded its best year since being founded five years prior.  With need for more space, the locally-owned community bank had relocated to an attractive seven-story office building in downtown Tacoma where they had naming rights.

Through skillful pitching, Shiftpoint Strategies secured a series of articles in various publications including the Tacoma News Tribune, Business Examiner, and Puget Sound Business Journal.


Shiftpoint Strategies garners a prominent feature story for Creative Workspace!

Creative Workspace is the second largest purveyor of executive office suites in the Puget Sound Region.  Creative Workspace affords the opportunity for small businesses to grow by providing affordable workspaces.

With some creative pitching by Shiftpoint, not only did Creative Workspace receive great coverage in the Puget Sound Business Journal, but two other Shiftpoint clients received coverage as well – Thinkspace and Vince’s Coffee.

How much would exposure like this be worth to your company?

For PR to work, a story idea must match with a reporter’s or editor’s need.  Shiftpoint looks for these opportunities.  We are persistent and work hard to “get that story” on behalf of our clients

Read the Creative Workspace story at this link.

Shiftpoint Strategies connects for its client, Davis Studio Architecture Design and its award-winning solar energy community, Grow Community.

Click on this link to read the Puget Sound Business Journal feature story: “Rising sun – Washington’s largest solar community takes shape.”

Equinox Business Law Group wanted media exposure. Shiftpoint Strategies made it happen!

A PSBJ features:


A PSBJ honor:

A series of published bylined articles:’s-password

Nelson Electric – Flying below the radar no more…thanks to Shiftpoint Strategies!

Nelson Electric is a large electrical contracting company in Seattle that has been in business more than 60 years.  Their customers love them but outside that circle, they were not well-known.

After a story pitch by Shiftpoint, Nelson became the focus of a feature article in the Puget Sound Business Journal:

Nelson Electric – Singled out for Family Business Award recognition!

Shiftpoint Strategies strategized to facilitate Nelson Electric’s application for a family business award at Seattle Business magazine.  Shiftpoint prepared and submitted the award application that resulted in Nelson Electric being recognized for its Best Practices.

Pathwise Leadership has a groundbreaking approach to leadership development.  How does an innovative training program attract an audience?  Pathwise called Shiftpoint Strategies!

Shiftpoint facilitated the publication of a series of bylined articles in the Puget Sound Business Journal.


Shiftpoint Strategies makes Seattle Wine Awards celebrity event a success!

Working on behalf of Seattle Wine Awards, Shiftpoint Strategies was the driving force behind enticing 30 celebrities from the Seattle media, business, and nonprofit communities to the 2015 Celebrity Wine Challenge to test of their wine-tasting abilities.

As a forerunner to a public event –  the Seattle Wine Experience benefiting the West Seattle Food Bank – the Celebrity Wine Challenge garnered wide-spread media coverage on radio, television, and in print.

The Puget Sound Business Journal:

Seattle Refined:


It had been two years since the news media last paid attention to SouthEast Effective Development!

An economic-development, nonprofit organization in a southeast Seattle, SEED knew they had turned a new page and wanted the business community to know.  Shiftpoint Strategies was called upon to capture media coverage that would make these perceptual changes possible. 

Shiftpoint Strategies reaches out to the Puget Sound Business Journal and the following stories resulted:


Shiftpoint Strategies connects for its client!  Growing practice area recognized!

Stokes Lawrence, a Washington state 40-attorney law practice, is featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal...a full-page story with photos, facts and figures – “Seattle law firm works the field: Agricultural practice booms

The PR strategy/message: Not only is Stokes Lawrence a significant Seattle law firm, it retains a distinctive and growing practice area that is bolstered through maintaining a Yakima branch-office.  “It’s the go-to choice for many of the state’s key agricultural players.”

Top Ten Toys – Seattle’s largest toy store – garners top-notch media coverage!

As a run-up to the year-end holidays, toys are topical.  Top Ten Toys has a Seattle-sensibility that Shiftpoint Strategies leverages to garner top-notch media coverage.

In December 2015, Seattle viewers saw four television news features, each were three to four minutes in length…outstanding coverage in today’s television news marketplace.

In addition, Toy Ten Toys was the focus of a radio interview and was featured in life-style publications.



Shiftpoint Strategies does it again!

Total Living Concept (TLC) has its story told through excellent reporting in a lead story on the front-page of the Kent Reporter.

TLC is a nonprofit that provides independent habitats for people living with developmental disabilities.  The TLC story is shared in a newspaper profile of a person TLC supports.  Brad Jones lives with severe developmental disabilities.  His accomplishments are notable.

You can read this inspiring story:

Seeking wider recognition from the community through sharing remarkable personal stories, TLC hired Shiftpoint Strategies to hunt for media opportunities.

Shiftpoint Strategies connects –  heartwarming reunion captures media attention!

Having lived his life thinking he had no family, at age 67, Jerry Wooliver gets to meet three sisters for the first time!

Jerry was born with cerebral palsy and was institutionalized at age five.  Through online searches, the staff at Total Living Concept (TLC), a Kent non-profit, discovered Jerry had family .

To celebrate, Jerry and his sisters chose to share their story of their family connecting.  TLC reached out to Shiftpoint Strategies and Shiftpoint Strategies reached out to the media.  The media responded.  The Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune and KING 5 each ran feature stories.

What do you do when you make a product few know exists?  Call Shiftpoint Strategies!

That’s what ZappBug did for their pioneering bedbug zapping device.  Media coverage is an integral part of the ZappBug marketing strategy.

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