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  1. Sound Transit – Youngstown
    • Challenge: In the fall of 2018, Dennis Noland discovered that a vote by the Sound Transit Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG) eliminated two light rail guideway options for the West Seattle Link Extensions.  This set up a scenario that would destroy most of the homes in the Youngstown neighborhood of West Seattle.  By the vote of the SAG, two light rail guideway options that would have skirted the Youngstown neighborhood were removed from consideration.
    • Tactics: Dennis Noland went door-to-door and alerted the residents of the neighborhood; most were uninformed.  He organized an alliance called the Youngstown Neighborhood Coalition; it’s comprised of 100 families who reside in a two-square-block section of Youngstown in the North Delridge area of West Seattle.
      Dennis pushed Sound Transit to host two informational gatherings for the community residents at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.  He organized neighborhood tours for elected leaders and Sound Transit Board and staff.  He inspired neighborhood residents to action and urged them to write letters to the Sound Transit Elected Leadership Committee and the Sound Transit Board.  Dennis and his neighbors testified before the Elected Leadership Group and the Sound Transit Board.
    • Success: With Dennis’ leadership, in October of 2019, the Youngstown Neighborhood Coalition has success: The Sound Transit Board votes unanimously to reinstate, in the Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS), a guideway routing alternative that skirts the Youngstown neighborhood.  This guideway alternative is now receiving equal and full study in the DEIS.  In 2021, if the Sound Transit Board approves this routing alternative, homes in Youngstown will be saved.
  2. Total Living Concept (TLC)
    • In 2008, Dennis Noland set up a series of meetings between TLC’s Executive Director and South King County state legislators to discuss pending state funding cuts and how those cuts could be implemented.  As a non-profit that depends on state funding, it was imperative that TLC tell its story effectively to elected officials.  The campaign was a success.

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