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  1. Nelson Electric – Large Seattle-based Commercial Electrical Contractor – Family-owned business – $30 to $50 million annual revenue
    • Challenge: This 69-year-old, family-owned commercial electrical contracting company is known and revered by its existing clients but is otherwise unknown.  The ownership group would like the company to be highly visible and top-of-mind.  Its target audiences are general contractors, commercial property management companies, and commercial property developers in Seattle, Bellevue, and the Eastside.
    • Why Shiftpoint? Shiftpoint has the connections and knowhow to garner earned media coverage that shapes awareness and elevates the Nelson Electric legacy.  Shiftpoint is retained to lead all PR initiatives at Nelson Electric.  An added duty on the fifth year of the Shiftpoint engagement, Dennis Noland from Shiftpoint Strategies is asked to lead Nelson Electric’s Business Development initiatives; Shiftpoint also co-directs the message development for major rebranding and creation of a new company website. 
    • Tactics: Shiftpoint evaluates Nelson Electric’s existing brand and market affiliations.  Shiftpoint devises a content-driven media strategy that leverages their existing client relationships and recent construction projects.  Shiftpoint seeks endorsements from Nelson Electric clients that will elevate the company’s business profile.  Shiftpoint pursues industry and business awards and recognitions that elevate the company’s achievements.

      For the implementation of business development, Shiftpoint edits/updates Nelson Electric’s existing marketing portfolio; creates a new promotional cover letter; researches, identifies and targets general contractors, property management companies, and property developers and identifies key contacts within those organizations; starts new conversations; mails and hand-delivers promotional packets; makes cold calls; facilitates and attends meetings with representatives of targeted companies; schedules lunch meetings with project managers and, when appropriate, brings to the meetings key personnel from Nelson Electric.
    • Success: Shiftpoint Strategies’ successes for Nelson Electric is rewarded with an ongoing engagement over a five-year period.
      • Media Outreach: Shiftpoint Strategies garners enduring media coverage for Nelson Electric.  Media successes include beneficial feature and news stories plus awards and recognitions.
        • Seattle Business Magazine – Family Business Awards – “Best Practices Award” – full-page feature story.
        • Puget Sound Business Journal
          1. Full-page feature story – “Nelson Electric grows by never shocking customers”
          2. Fastest Growing Companies 2017, 2018
          3. Family Business Symposium – Marv Nelson, President & CEO, serves as a panelist at a PSBJ hosted forum; Marv Nelson and Nelson Electric are cited in a series of promotions for the event.
          4. Washington State’s Largest Family-Owned Companies
          5. CFO of the Year – Brian Heeb, Nelson Electric CFO
          6. Published bylined articles
            1. ABCs of POE
            2. Eastside connects to IOT
        • Washington Business Magazine (AWB) – Feature story – “Doing Business as Nelson Electric”
      • Business Development: Successfully fills pipeline with project proposals and budgets requests.
        • Establish new relationships with general contractors and commercial property managers where there were no previous relationships; receive numerous bid/proposal requests.
        • Establish new relationships with commercial property managers where there were no previous relationships; receive bid/proposal requests.
        • Renew/reestablish relationships with general contractors with whom Nelson Electric had previously worked; receive numerous bid/proposal requests.
        • Renew/reestablish relationships with commercial property managers with whom Nelson had previously worked; receive bid/proposal requests.
        • Pipeline filled to capacity.
  2. Commencement Bank – Tacoma-based community bank.  Ranked 24th largest bank in state of Washington (PSBJ).  $354 million in assets.
    • Challenge: In 2012, Commencement Bank moved its operations to a mid-rise Tacoma office tower, with building naming-rights; this from its original downtown Tacoma location.  The only prior media coverage was at the bank’s founding; seven years prior. Commencement Bank was remaining successful during an economic downturn and at a time of widespread bank failures.
    • Why Shiftpoint? Shiftpoint was hired for a short-term engagement. The goals: Garner media coverage about the bank’s move to an office tower that is now branded “Commencement Bank.” Garner media coverage about the bank’s success and growth during economic tough times.
    • Tactics: Shiftpoint Strategies works collaboratively with Commencement Bank Founder and President, Hal Russell. Together, they craft messaging for press releases that will be used to garner media coverage.
    • Success: For Commencement Bank, in May and June of 2012, Shiftpoint garnered a combination of six features stories and profiles about Commencement Bank in a variety of publications: Tacoma News Tribune, Business Examiner, and Puget Sound Business Journal. One feature was a full-page interview/profile of the bank’s president, Hal Russell, in the Puget Sound Business Journal.
  3. Phiten Corporation – Japan - $400 million entity
    • Challenge: In 2004, Phiten is a company that produces a product line of performance clothing and accessories.  The company has what is an almost cult-like audience in Japan.  Phiten only has two retail stores in the U.S. – Seattle and Los Angeles.  The company wants to build its U.S. market.  There are three components: 1. Phiten wants to drive customer traffic to its Seattle retail store location. 2. Phiten wants to enlarge its mail-order/online marketplace. 3. Phiten wants its brand to be recognized throughout North America.  Phiten’s U.S. marketing staff has limited knowledge/understanding of the U.S. retail marketplace and the U.S. media market.
    • Why Shiftpoint? Shiftpoint has the connections and knowhow to garner media coverage – both in the Seattle and throughout the U.S.; media coverage that will shape product awareness and promote the Phiten brand.
    • Tactics: Shiftpoint evaluates Phiten’s existing brand market affiliations and devises a marketing strategy to drive earned media-content that leverages their current endorsements and affiliations with professional sports teams and celebrities.

      Shiftpoint manages a nation-wide product promotion in the U.S. that tags the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox.  That year, led by David Ortiz, Boston players adopted the wearing of Phiten performance clothing and accessories.  When the Boston Red Sox entered the playoffs, Shiftpoint started a national media campaign with the headline: “What are the Boston Red Sox wearing?”
    • Success: The Red Sox became the first team in major league history to come back from a three-game postseason deficit to defeat the New York Yankees; that was followed up by a sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series Championship games.

      Prior to the start of the final game of the World Series – a Boston NBC television affiliate broadcasts a three-minute feature story on their evening news titled: “What are the Boston Red Sox wearing?”

      The Answer: Phiten performance clothing and accessories.  The story shows Boston players wearing Phiten performance accessories.  The newscast is supported by footage from Seattle’s NBC affiliate KING5; a prior Seattle newscast about Phiten performance products that included an instore product review; coverage arranged by Shiftpoint Strategies.
    • Results: On the U.S. eastern seaboard, online and mail-order sales skyrocketed.  After Seattle-area newscasts profiled Phiten products, foot traffic and sales increased at the Seattle retail store. 

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